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Ownership |Two nurses had a vision: Provide West Virginia facilities and companies with the nursing staff they need in a cost-effective manner and give nurses the flexibility they desire and deserve.  Jill Hopkins (LPN, CEO) and Jessica Whitman (RN, President) bring a unique perspective to staffing for the medical field.  They fully understand the role of nursing, providing quality patient care, and the value and importance of treating nurses with respect.

No Obligation|Using WVNN's services means you get the nursing staff you need, only when you need it.  No minimum shift requirements or additional monthly fees when contracting with us. Just experienced competent nursing staff at your fingertips.

Cost savings |Elimination of recruitment fees and sign-on bonuses that facilities potentially have to pay to new hires. In addition, the professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage that are provided by West Virginia Nursing Network, LLC can provide savings to a facility's budget.

Extensive background checks |Our employees undergo an extensive screening process including drug testing, background checks and credential verification before stepping into a facility.

Dependability | Making sure facilities receive the right nurse based on previous experience and a competency assessment of skills. Ultrasound-guided PICC line nurses have many years of experience & are ACLS certified.

Good standing | West Virginia Nursing Network, LLC meets all of the necessary qualifications for a nurse staffing agency, and has been certified by the state of West Virginia as conforming to law with a Certificate of Existence.