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Infusion Services

 Infusing your health with your life.

We serve the Pediatric, Adolescent, and Adult population in all of West Virginia.

West Virginia Nursing Network now offers infusion services. With today's advances in technology, patients no longer have to endure long hospital stays or frequent visits to get the care they need. Our nursing staff work with patients of any age, from newborn to geriatric to provide injections, IVs or other infusion services. We work with PICC Line, Midline, and Peripheral line placement, maintenance and removal.

When you choose West Virginia Nursing Network Infusion Services, you can be assured the Registered Nurse assigned to your case is not only highly qualified and experienced, but also a local resident. Our nurses work with your primary care physician and experienced infusion pharmacy staff to develop and monitor the treatment and medication regimen specifically for you and your current situation. If your needs change, we can quickly adapt the regimen to meet those needs. Our staff can also take blood for any infusion-related lab work you require, all from the privacy of your own home!


Infusion services are a cost effective alternative to hospitalization, while allowing you to rest comfortably in your own home. You are also able to maintain a much higher level of independence. Many patients are able to return to work or school while continuing their therapy. Our staff can coordinate their visits to meet your schedule.

Most patients experience a much higher level of satisfaction with their treatment, as well as their quality of life. Statistics show that home infusion therapy decreases emergency room visits and hospital admissions, which also decreases exposure to related infections.

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Please note the information provided here is not official medical advice. Not all patients are candidates for in-home infusion therapy. Please contact your primary care physician for advice on your specific condition.